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Monthly Spotlight: November 2021

Refer to the latest website update about new format changes to Monthly Spotlight moving forward.✅ = Completed Book New Additions: ✅ When the Ocean Calls || AVB Score: 12 At the Fields of Fire and Blood || AVB Score: 12 On Sapphire Wings and Jade Scales || AVB Score: 11 ✅ Blooming Flower || AVBContinue reading “Monthly Spotlight: November 2021”


What is, and How to Get a ‘Perfect’ Score

An Archdale score of 15/15 is rare, and yet, a full score does not mean a perfect story. In fact, most online stories could be revised multiple times and further polished, even if they happened to receive a 15/15 from Archdale. So, what does a ‘perfect’ 15/15 story mean then? You can read about eachContinue reading “What is, and How to Get a ‘Perfect’ Score”

Monthly Spotlight: July 2021

The Flower on the Riverbank || AVB Score: 12 slice of life and romance amidst warring kingdoms set in old Korea steady pacing of relationships and focused character building love triangle between childhood friend and General well-developed writing style with varied language and structure ––– Moon Theory (BL) || AVB Score: 13 slow, realistic romanceContinue reading “Monthly Spotlight: July 2021”

Character Battle Tournament Event

For the Archdale Discord Server’s Fourth Event, the community is holding a fun competition pitting original characters against one another where members vote for the winners based on character attributes, skills, powers, and other capabilities. Winners and participants receive various rewards including a grand prize of character or background artwork custom made by our in-houseContinue reading “Character Battle Tournament Event”

Monthly Spotlight: June 2021

Clandestine || AVB Score: 11 clear and distinctive world and character building straightforwardly written plot with various twists including the end engaging pacing and tone suitable for developments and settings female character with dual personalities opposite of one another well-written crime thriller revenge story that is quick to read ––– Diaries of a Fighter || AVBContinue reading “Monthly Spotlight: June 2021”

Monthly Spotlight: May 2021

Nomads of the Sea || AVB Score: 13 rich language and antiquated writing style that matches the story strong world building and clear narrative multiple character perspectives from different angles of the plot distinctive characters and diverse cast reflective of the story’s settings ––– Embracing the Villain’s Thigh || AVB Score: 12 well-characterized female leadContinue reading “Monthly Spotlight: May 2021”

Multi-Activity Week Marathon Event

The third Discord server event, Multi-Activity Week Marathon, is beginning today, May 10th. Each day up to May 16th, a new activity that can either be reader, writer, artist, or fun-oriented will be posted on the server. The activity list is below. May 10th – Guessing Game May 11th – Spotlight Story Evaluation May 12thContinue reading “Multi-Activity Week Marathon Event”

Monthly Spotlight: April 2021

“Its Cruel Death” || AVB Score: 12 memoir-structured perspective of a main character uploading his mind slow paced, brief story recounting the main character’s past psychological science fiction setting told in a slice of life style and pacing writing style centered on cerebral musings of the main character ––– A Thief In the Night ||Continue reading “Monthly Spotlight: April 2021”

1K Writing Contest Results

The Music-Inspired One-shot Writing Contest has concluded. All participants receive prizes, and the placement winners are the following: First: “Paradise” by Mouri Second: “A Plucked Flower” by Sol Third: “The Death & Me” by DarkRay Read all contest submissions through Google Docs. Special mention of participants CodeW, Drakonous, and ink. Thank you to everyone forContinue reading “1K Writing Contest Results”

Monthly Spotlight: March 2021

Poisoned Chalice || AVB Score: 13 dynamic, active dialogue and character interactions and quirks varied language and description that is still easy to read with good flow strong female lead with clear, developed background and personality solid world building of eastern fantasy with martial arts and reincarnation ––– The Master of Names || AVB Score:Continue reading “Monthly Spotlight: March 2021”