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Our mission is to connect avid readers to undiscovered writers and their stories.

Gaining an audience is one of the most difficult hurdles in writing a successful story.

While many self-publishing and writing sites exist, new and old stories alike can be buried under others and lost. The Archdale Virtual Bookshelf (AVB) and online library curates, indexes, and scores stories for easier search and identification.

This story index is located at a separate domain name to better organize and accommodate the growing collection of stories while the main site here is for spotlighted stories, reviews, articles, and other content.

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Virtual Bookshelf
The project began as a solo hobby to encourage and promote small authors of web stories. It first began on the international writing platform, Webnovel. Then, Wattpad, Tapas, Royal Road, and Inkitt were added to establish the full, multi-platform scope.

The project was rebranded in order to encompass a growing scope and ambition in better assisting undiscovered writers and making it an established online writing, reading, and publishing hub.

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