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Monthly Spotlight: May 2021

Nomads of the Sea || AVB Score: 13

  • rich language and antiquated writing style that matches the story
  • strong world building and clear narrative
  • multiple character perspectives from different angles of the plot
  • distinctive characters and diverse cast reflective of the story’s settings


Embracing the Villain’s Thigh || AVB Score: 12

  • well-characterized female lead desiring to survive after transmigration
  • male lead struggles with mental illness in a ruthless world of business
  • clear plot and easy to follow writing and story
  • romantic relationship is realistically well-paced and developed


The Tenth Victim || AVB Score: 11

  • clear and strong characterization and background of a diverse crew
  • easy to read writing style with tone and mood reflective of story
  • developed detective and crime action amidst slice of life
  • slow yet well-paced plot which builds clues and anticipation


Unwanted Feelings || AVB Score: 10

  • strong first person narrative and main female lead with clear personality
  • multi-faceted and compelling inner thoughts and expressed feeling
  • easy to read writing style with balanced detail and dialogue
  • mixed slice of life paranormal romance story


Memories Like a Dagger || AVB Score: 11

  • richly varied language and almost cerebral style of writing and narrative
  • detailed descriptions and settings with a heavy mystery aspect in story
  • slow-paced plot and diverse, numerous cast of characters
  • determined main lead with lighthearted past that contrasts his dark reality


Falling for Lord Masquerade || AVB Score: 10

  • clearly characterized main female lead contrasting a softer male lead
  • dumped girl stumbles into a masquerade of elegance and mystery
  • easy to read writing style with varied language and balanced description
  • well-developed tone and mood of first person narrative


The Grand Six (Novel) || AVB Score: 9

  • unique narrative voice talking to the reader directly
  • reads like a campfire story that engages listeners and reflects on past chapters
  • quick action and conflict from the get-go
  • clear world building and description with varied cast


The Grey Necro || AVB Score: 9

  • first person narrative voice is reflective of the story mood and settings
  • paranormal fantasy with descriptive background and history
  • easy to follow narration, exposition, and world-building
  • slow and detailed action with minimal dialogue


My Innocent Girl Friend Is The Fallen Demoness || AVB Score: 10

  • entangled relationships and conflict between a varied cast of characters
  • detailed thoughts and feelings in an easy to read writing style
  • clear characterization and world building
  • multiple narrative perspectives and plot angles with fantasy slice of life


Tempest || AVB Score: 9

  • lively writing style that is easy to read with appropriate language and voice
  • personable main lead enthusiastic about superheroes
  • balanced character interaction and dialogue
  • quick paced slice of life with comedy and bits of romance


Devil’s Cold-Hearted Love || AVB Score: 10

  • immediate action and conflict with detailed background and exposition
  • clear world building, settings, and history
  • large cast of diverse characters with balanced dialogue and inner thoughts
  • steady pacing and easy to follow writing style and languaged


I’m Crazy About You || AVB Score: 9

  • slow-paced entertainment slice of life with romance
  • clear characterization of main female lead
  • simple, easy to read language and writing
  • straightforward plot and steady development with varied cast of characters

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