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Monthly Spotlight: July 2021

The Flower on the Riverbank || AVB Score: 12

  • slice of life and romance amidst warring kingdoms set in old Korea
  • steady pacing of relationships and focused character building
  • love triangle between childhood friend and General
  • well-developed writing style with varied language and structure


Moon Theory (BL) || AVB Score: 13

  • slow, realistic romance and steady, active pacing
  • clear, engaging world building of apocalyptic sci-fi setting
  • easy to read, detail-balanced writing style
  • well-developed characters in ABO universe


The Alien’s Retaliation || AVB Score: 11

  • adventure action story with game elements
  • atypical, imaginative science fiction setting
  • sound character building with musing thought and tone
  • non-human main character reincarnated from being a miner
  • solid writing style with balanced detail and dialogue


Make Your Wish. || AVB Score: 10

  • romance story with a spin on portal fantasy elements
  • solid character building, development, and interactions
  • steady pacing of magical slice of life and active world building
  • easy to read writing with balanced dialogue and language


A Pastor’s Daughter Diary || AVB Score: 10

  • spiritual female main lead overcomes struggles in life and faith
  • easy reading, diary-style written story in conversational, intimate tone
  • clear character building and development
  • snapshots of slice of life including relationships and love


Entangled Souls || AVB Score: 12

  • no-nonsense female lead determined to not fall in love
  • flirty, friendly bad-boy type male lead
  • slice of life, school, paranormal story with angels and demons
  • strong character building and relationship developments
  • solid writing, pacing, and dialogue with mystery elements


Prince Charming Loses Charm || AVB Score: 9

  • spoiled haughty prince becomes hated after being cursed
  • unfolding mystery of curse with hidden enemies
  • dialogue driven story with steady world building
  • simple writing style with smooth pacing


A Cinderella story – Untold files – || AVB Score: 10

  • retelling of classic Cinderella in her point of view
  • strong female lead with sarcasm and sense of purpose in actions
  • main character lost glass slipper while stealing the crown during the ball
  • prince and supporting character with clear personalities
  • engaging style of writing with humor and balanced detail

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