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Monthly Spotlight: June 2021

Clandestine || AVB Score: 11

  • clear and distinctive world and character building
  • straightforwardly written plot with various twists including the end
  • engaging pacing and tone suitable for developments and settings
  • female character with dual personalities opposite of one another
  • well-written crime thriller revenge story that is quick to read


Diaries of a Fighter || AVB Score: 12

  • solid characterization and developments of relationships
  • steady pacing with plot building upon actions and events
  • strong-willed male lead aiming to be a professional fighter in Japan
  • simple, easy to read writing with appropriate detail and dialogue


Blue Moon Princess || AVB Score: 12

  • strong female lead transmigrated into eastern fantasy setting
  • closely detailed inner thoughts and emotions of main character
  • quick cultivation growth and fighting among multiple sects
  • easy to read writing style and world-building details


Rise || AVB Score: 11

  • engaging turns of phrasing and language with clean, easy to read style
  • fluid shifts in tone with appropriate tension
  • balanced introduction of characters and magic abilities in action
  • well crafted characters with believable sentiments and reactions
  • stable, imaginable settings and clear transitions with well-paced world building
  • vivid action scenes and believable, connected world and character growth


Ring of storms || AVB Score: 14

  • told from multiple perspectives with smooth transitions
  • realistically paced romance despite immediate attraction
  • solid backstories and characterization with believable sentiments and reactions
  • intriguing love triangle tied into plot
  • clear yet varied use of language and phrasing with digestible and engaging style
  • uniquely defined clan lore mingled with mystery aspects


The Great Escape || AVB Score: 11

  • strong characterization and evocative introspection
  • engaging and pleasing language and phrasing in a digestible reading style
  • distinctive, developed dark tone and mood
  • unique take on witches with suspenseful fantasy that is almost horror-like


Wander West, in Shadow || AVB Score: 14

  • highly descriptive writing style with diverse language and vocabulary
  • languidly yet compelling paced adventure fantasy story
  • uniquely recreated fantasy settings with developed tone and mood
  • well-characterized cast with clear backstory and motivation


Feral Born (Viciously Yours #1) || AVB Score: 13

  • strong, consistent world-building that is a twist on the werewolf trope
  • well-developed, distinct characters with believable relationships and interactions
  • diverse use of language, style, and mood that is engaging and clear
  • stable pacing and transitions of plot and character developments

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