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Multi-Activity Week Marathon Event

The third Discord server event, Multi-Activity Week Marathon, is beginning today, May 10th. Each day up to May 16th, a new activity that can either be reader, writer, artist, or fun-oriented will be posted on the server. The activity list is below.

  1. May 10th – Guessing Game
  2. May 11th – Spotlight Story Evaluation
  3. May 12th – Emote or Meme Sketch
  4. May 13th – Scavenger Hunt
  5. May 14th – Writing Improvement
  6. May 15th – Request Fulfillment
  7. May 16th – Lucky Giveaway

To participate, join the community Discord server:

Have fun and good luck everyone!


Published by Book Keeper

Critical Analysis. Organization. Management.

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