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Monthly Spotlight: April 2021

“Its Cruel Death” || AVB Score: 12

  • memoir-structured perspective of a main character uploading his mind
  • slow paced, brief story recounting the main character’s past
  • psychological science fiction setting told in a slice of life style and pacing
  • writing style centered on cerebral musings of the main character


A Thief In the Night || AVB Score: 11

  • quick-faced plot with clear transitions and pacing
  • polyamorous, fantasy multi-racial relationships
  • straightforward yet detailed writing style
  • urban fantasy setting with normalized magic and creatures


The Last Goddess || AVB Score: 12

  • balanced, well-presented first person perspective
  • smooth, descriptive yet easy to read writing style
  • steady fantasy world building with little informative dumps
  • varied cast of characters with consistent plot pacing


Vanishing Acts || AVB Score: 14

  • realistic, uncommonly told portrayal of parenthood
  • mature, well-paced story of the struggle of divorce and cheating
  • complex yet simply executed mix of forgiveness, understanding, and family bonds
  • good handling and exploration of sensitive and unusual topics
  • diverse, well-developed cast with strong character development and growth
  • clear, compelling narrative style and transitions


Gemini: A Fox Tale || AVB Score: 10

  • pensive display of character thought and emotion
  • arranged marriage with a historical-esque fantasy spin
  • simple, easy to understand narrative writing style
  • slice of life detail and pacing in a Japanese setting


Wander West, in Shadow || AVB Score: 14

  • highly descriptive writing style with diverse language and vocabulary
  • languidly yet compelling paced adventure fantasy story
  • uniquely recreated fantasy settings with developed tone and mood
  • well-characterized cast with clear backstory and motivation


Demetori || AVB Score: 11

  • slow-paced, chronological development and clear pacing
  • easy to read, consistent writing with varied structure, tone, and mood
  • strongly defined fantasy world settings
  • distinct cast of characters with steady progression in relationships


Tales of Aeolus the Outrageous || AVB Score: 9

  • straightforward writing style and quick pacing
  • fast progression with clear detail and world building
  • virtual reality MMO storyline mixed with reincarnation
  • understandable, easy to follow classic game elements


Bloodlines || AVB Score: 11

  • strongly-characterized distinct cast
  • mafia romance action story with consistent pacing
  • clear writing style with descriptive elements and varied use of language
  • well-presented first person perspective narrative with emotion and thought

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