Monthly Spotlight: March 2021

Poisoned Chalice || AVB Score: 13

  • dynamic, active dialogue and character interactions and quirks
  • varied language and description that is still easy to read with good flow
  • strong female lead with clear, developed background and personality
  • solid world building of eastern fantasy with martial arts and reincarnation


The Master of Names || AVB Score: 9

  • character-driven plot with solid dialogue and character interactions
  • easy to grasp word-building and writing style
  • action dispersed with moments of humor
  • hardworking main character with sound pacing


Feral Born (Viciously Yours #1) || AVB Score: 13

  • strong, consistent world-building that is a twist on the werewolf trope
  • well-developed, distinct characters with believable relationships and interactions
  • diverse use of language, style, and mood that is engaging and clear
  • stable pacing and transitions of plot and character developments


Two Steps From Hell || AVB Score: 11

  • detective, thriller, and mystery story in a science fiction setting
  • developed, imaginable scenes, situations, and characters
  • consistent pacing, writing style, and mood
  • quick-paced dialogue and action with supportive details and world-building


The Unknown || AVB Score: 9

  • balanced female character with strong abilities and weaknesses
  • well-paced romance-action story with betrayal and revenge
  • clearly characterized individuals with various backstories
  • descriptive yet fluid writing with proper tone and mood


The Legend of the Crimson Oracle || AVB Score: 11

  • strong, deep focus on main female character
  • extensive inner insight into main character, actions, emotions, and settings
  • solid writing that is engaging and easy to read
  • vivid language and descriptions with varied structure
  • romance-fantasy story with mystery and reincarnation elements


I Dare Not Hope || AVB Score: 10

  • sound writing skills with varied, easy to read language
  • centered focus on female main character and her thoughts and feelings
  • slice of life interspersed with tragedy and emotional drama
  • romance story with mysterious backstory and character of the past


Florida Man: Battle of the Five Meth Labs: A Love Story || AVB Score: 13

  • solid pacing and development with humorous situations and dialogues
  • well-characterized cast with developed modern world-building
  • balanced quirky and straightforward writing style
  • romance within a satirical story of drugs and mental health


Rise in the East || AVB Score: 12

  • non-human perspectives and characters with reincarnation elements
  • musing and descriptive writing style with strong tone and mood
  • story is accompanied by colored drawings of the scenes
  • easy to read, straightforward writing for character interactions and dialogue
  • fantasy-romance story with mystery, transmigration, and historical details


Burning Tears || AVB Score: 9

  • descriptive language and settings with clear mood
  • interpersonal drama and slice of life with a global view
  • steady story pacing with Egyptian, superpower and time-travel elements
  • character connections, mysterious dreams and elements drive plot

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