Monthly Spotlight: February 2021

Deeper Meaning || AVB Score: 12

  • Detailed visual descriptions that set mood, tone, settings
  • Humanized androids and friendships
  • Diverse team of characters and programmers
  • Deep, blended scientific, serious, and cognitive writing style


Beyond the Void || AVB Score: 10

  • Immersive fantasy aspects including names, world, and creatures
  • Court and royal disputes, turmoils, and drama
  • Multiple character perspectives and connected storylines
  • Easy to read writing style with clear flow and sufficient detail


Memoirs of a Skeleton Valet || AVB Score: 13

  • Quirky, distinctive characters and world
  • Strong, unique voice, vocabulary, and writing style
  • Engaging, entertaining perspectives and inner thoughts
  • Enchanting storyline with humor and affection


Dead Souls Doing the Samba || AVB Score: 9

  • Short read of a story that was optioned into a screenplay
  • Mildly quirky horror in first person narrative
  • Quick, straightforward, easy to read writing style
  • Unique last mission at a monastery about an Apocalyptic Horseman


Concerning Dreams || AVB Score: 9

  • Contains various cultural and entertainment references
  • Instances of eclectic and eccentric scenes, narratives, and writing style
  • Slice of life on an artistic, film path
  • MC’s creative and real world blends within the story


Book 1: The Catmen Sorceress – part.1 || AVB Score: 10

  • Lighthearted fairy tale about sorceress cat
  • Delightful, accompanying drawings for greater fantasy immersion
  • Various creatures and races, and magic language adds to world
  • Simple, quick, easy to read writing style


Selena’s Reign: The Golden Gryphon || AVB Score: 11

  • Established writing style with varied technique and vocabulary
  • Historically influenced, low fantasy story
  • Strong dialogue and well-built magical and fantastical elements
  • Distinctive characters and a careful, observant main lead


Not Again || AVB Score: 9

  • Contrasting sweet and dramatic romantic and personal moments
  • Well-paced romance with immediate attraction that builds over time
  • Awakened vampiric instincts in a twist of events
  • Emotionally-driven details in a simple, easy reading style


The End of All Things || AVB Score: 14

  • Sequential, grounded history shrouded in post-apocalyptic mystery
  • Motley, distinct crew of characters with varied manner of speaking
  • Raucous sailors in a world of magic living on the open seas
  • Strong voice, imagery, and tone in writing style


The Devil’s Colt: Rise of a Hunter || AVB Score: 11

  • Blended dark, western, and eastern storytelling elements
  • Romance and slice of life amid action, crime, and the supernatural
  • Straightforward, easy to read, solid writing style
  • Steadily paced plot alternating between lighthearted and serious scenes

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